Best Way to Save Money on Personal Loans

Individuals wanting to save money on personal loans have to shop the market. There are many different ways to låne penger but you need to weigh the pros and cons of each option. In the world of finance there is an adage “the best loan is the one you never have to take”. Based on that adage you should only consider borrowing money if you actually have a pressing “need” for it otherwise just wait and save up the cash.

Potential Sources of Personal Loans

When sourcing for låne penger there are numerous potential sources each with their own distinctive benefits.

·    Social Circle: This is your personal network of family, friends and associates. There are some applications that allow you to “crowdsource” for loans. In this context the focus is primarily people you know personally. The benefit of this approach is there is not much underwriting required since you have a relationship with the lender. One drawback to borrowing from people you know is the risk of defaulting on the loan. If you borrow and don’t repay as promised it could ruin the relationship so this is the lender of last resort for most people.

·    Banks: These traditional lenders’ do have competitive terms but they also have stringent underwriting requirements. If you have credit challenges or income that is hard to verify the banks will not give out a loan. The average turnaround time with these lenders can be rather long as well so you should use the banks sparingly.

·    Online Loan Brokers: There are organizations that can help you secure personal loans via the Internet. These online brokers have relationships with a vast network of lenders. When you fill out their online application the brokers will “shop” through the entire network to find lenders who are willing to offer you a loan. When the loan broker secures an offer from the prospective lender they will report back to you with the terms.

Determining Whether a Loan is a Good Deal or Not

To determine whether the term being offered by the online loan broker are competitive or not you should carefully screen the proposal.

·    Term of the Loan: This is the total amount of time you have to repay the personal loan. Lenders who give you more time will also require more compensation. Try to keep the term of the loan as short as possible.

·    Secured Vs Unsecured: Will the lender require collateral from you? If there is collateral required then the loan is classified as secured. If you cannot pay back the loan as agreed then the lender can take ownership of the collateral and sell it. The majority of online loan brokers only deal with unsecured loans but you could be asked for collateral.

låne penger

·    Cost of borrowing: This is a blanket term which combines both the interest rate being charged plus any processing fees. With this number you can identify the personal loan with the best terms.

Individuals who implement these tips should be able to save money the next time they need a personal loan.